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2020 has been a challege for our society. KUTE greatly values our employees and has been proactive in ensuring our employee safety. Many people have asked what is the risk at a recycling depot. While the vast majority of recycling is well sorted and generally free of contaminants there are still numerous instances of tissue paper, toilet rolls and wet mixed plastics that end up in the recycling stream.

The District of Kitimat was an active partner that assisted in securing sea cans to allow a reduced collection of strictly cardboard material. It didn’t take long for these sea cans to fill up and the resulting extra handling of materials quickly showed this would not be the long term solution. We soon realized that a redesign of our inside storage, securing additional storage bags and moving out stored products with a limitted value would need to occur. In addition providing employees with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would be a key element to reopen and accept our full range of products.

The full range of product has been accepted for some time now and while our days are reduced to four days a week our hours have been expanded to allow later day drop off. We are now open Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am – 6pm. Please come and bring your recyling in.

If you have your paper products sorted into 1)Office Pack (envelopes, printer paper and the like), 2)Glossy Paper (magazines, paper with shiny images), 3)News Paper and then into 4) mixed cardboard this will greatly assist. Please remember if you can plug it in it can probably be recycled at KUTE (TVs, irons, waffle makers, etc). We also take light fixtures, light bulbs, alarms and even household paint. We hope to see you soon.